EcoVadis certified for the first time

For the first time, CONSTAB had its sustainability management assessed as part of the EcoVadis certification and won a very good silver medal straight away. CONSTAB was distinguished as a company that was among the top 10% of all evaluated companies.

Reason enough for us to strive for an even better result next year.

If you have any questions about CONSTAB’s sustainability journey, please do not hesitate to contact us.


for customized barrier effect

Struggling with EVOH supply? CONSTAB has the answer!

Improve your barrier packaging with CON-Xtend 21 masterbatch, an innovative solution that allows you to adjust the barrier effect according to your specific requirements.

Save EVOH and thus costs, increase productivity, and ensure recyclability without compromising on the oxygen barrier.

Protect your products and the environment with CON-Xtend 21.

For further information, please talk to us.

First climate-neutral product

Our first completely climate-neutral product!

We are proud to be able to launch the first product on the market at the start of our climate-neutral product portfolio.

With the product CONSTAB® UV 01255 LD we can guarantee that all emissions associated with its production are voluntarily offset. And, of course, this is also certified by an independent body.

We plan to continuously expand our climate-neutral product portfolio in the future.

Are you interested in our climate protection activities? Then you can find out more here.

Charge Enhancer

CONSTAB Charge Enhancers

PP meltblown nonwovens are frequently used in air filtration applications. You find them for example in the middle layer of commonly used face masks, but also in many other applications from vacuum cleaner bags to filters in HVAC units.
The meltblown used in air filtration is usually electrostatically charged to significantly improve the filtration rate, especially for small particles, e.g., viruses or fine, respirable dust.


We support the production of MDO PE produced films

We support the production of MDO PE produced films.

The trend of recyclability and sustainability is becoming highly important in packaging. Today, MDO PE can be used to produce recyclable and high-performance mono-material laminates/solutions. We have exactly the best performance masterbatches for your production and applications.
Please feel free to ask our team for recommendations.

Increase productivity simply and safely

Increase productivity simply and safely.

Are you looking for a solution to make your production even more efficient? At the same time, of course, energy consumption should also be reduced. This is exactly where the new filler masterbatches from CONSTAB come in.

With CONSTAB FL 08200 LL for all applications and CONSTAB FL 08204 LL especially for fine films, which have to show very good optical properties, we have developed two masterbatches with these advantages:
– higher productivity
– reduced energy consumption
– reduced formulation costs
– improved mechanical properties
Both masterbatches are approved for food applications according to EU and FDA regulations.


We have something against unpleasant odors in plastics

We have something against unpleasant odors in plastics

Odors in plastics are surface characteristics caused by volatile organic compounds or low molecular weight organic acids produced during the processing of polymer additives. They restrict product use because their odor is undesirable in end-product applications.


Masterbatches now also in color

We are pleased to be able to offer our customers colored masterbatches licensed from Pantone®.

You know us as a competent partner for colorless masterbatches? Then we should get in touch, because we can also supply colored products through our partners Kafrit Industries (1993) Ltd. (Israel) and Addvanze AB (Sweden). A recent agreement allows the Kafrit Group to officially use the Pantone brand, product codes and all other information.


We have been working with 100% green electricity since 2021

After 2020-2021, we have now also achieved climate neutrality* for the years 2022 and 2023, so that in the long term we will voluntarily offset our remaining, unavoidable company-related emissions through compensation and thus continue to be a climate-neutral* company. In addition, we can significantly reduce our emissions by switching to 100% green electricity. In the future, we intend to use these capacities for the climate neutrality certification* of individual products of ours.

But this is only one part of our efforts to counteract climate change. We have been documenting what else we are doing on our website for a few weeks now in the section Commitment to the Future.

*by offsetting with climate protection certificates

CONSTAB was again certified.

CONSTAB was again certified as a family-friendly company in the district of Soest.

Since 2016 CONSTAB has been awarded as a family-friendly company in the district of Soest. The certificate is awarded regularly by wfg Wirschaftsförderung Kreis Soest together with Kompetenzzentrum Frau & Beruf Hellweg-Hochsauerland. Flexible working hours, family offerings and much more are taken into account in the awarding process.

More than 80 companies in the district of Soest bear the seal of quality and CONSTAB is one of them.

We are proud of that!