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CONSTAB – Climate Neutral Company

Setting new priorities: Climate neutrality decides our future.

For the voluntary compensation of our greenhouse gases, we received the “climate neutral company” award.

Further information can be found here.


BOPE-films for white cavitated food packaging

CON-X® BOPE-MasterbatchTF-BOPE white cavitated films are aimed at printing and laminating applications, when a superior film surface appearance in combination with an outstanding printing quality are mandatory.


Reclosable Compounds

Strong demand for reclosable food packaging

The pandemic is also having a significant impact on the packaging industry. Consumers are currently particularly demanding food products in hygienic, reclosable packagings.

CONSTAB offers a comprehensive solution portfolio for the purpose.


COVID 19 / coronavirus – information

Dear valued customer,

In the course of the worldwide outbreak of the novel coronavirus and the increasingly sharp reactions of governments and authorities, CONSTAB Polyolefin Additives continues to follow the daily developments very closely in order to identify, assess and mitigate risks both for our production at the Rüthen site and for our supply and delivery chains.



ECOCELL® – The revolutionary foaming agent to reduce resin consumption and costs

Discover the patented endothermic chemical foaming agent (CFA) masterbatch with several advantages on the process level as well as on the finish items.


CONBIO Masterbatches – Sustainable masterbatch portfolio

Discover our new product line – CONBIO Masterbatches

  • CONBIO masterbatches are produced with biobased PE
  • CONBIO masterbatches contain ingredients that are

vegetable based
mineral sourced
of synthetic origin

CONBIO Masterbatches are available for different applications.
Please contact our specialists for detailed information.

CONCAVITY® 600 PP Cavitating Masterbatch

We are pleased to present our new product: CONSTAB® CONCAVITY® 600 PP

  • for the production of pearlized BOPP films
  • contains highly dispersed additive in PP-Homopolymer
  • improved gloss
  • higher whiteness compared to standard filler masterbatches
  • suitable for food contact (EU & FDA)

Please contact our specialists if you would like to know more about our product.

CONSTAB® AF 00262 PPR New Antifog solution for CAST PP film

Discover our product CONSTAB®AF 00262 PPR, that is used for the film-production for food packaging.

  • Suitable for cold and hot fog application
  • No corona treatment necessary on the antifog side
  • FDA and EC approval
  • Combinable with CONPEEL®and other peel compounds
  • Successfully tested with solvent-free and solvent-based laminating adhesives from COIM

Please contact us for more details or any kind of questions.

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