Engagement on site


Our commitment begins directly on site

As a local company, it naturally makes sense to initiate, accompany or support local projects. Environmental protection has many facets and there are many approaches to sustainable action if you deal with it.

We at CONSTAB have dealt with the topic directly at our plant in Rüthen and have taken up the initiative of the Industrievertretung Kunststoff e.V. with the project “Zero granulate loss”. In this way, we want to sensitise our employees to the topic of environmental protection and sustainability already at the workplace – after all, the idea of environmental protection must be lived from within.

Zero Pellet Loss certificate

Project “Zero Pellet Loss”

Worldwide, plastics associations are participating in an initiative under the names “Zero Pellet Loss” as well as “Operation Clean Sweep” to prevent the loss of plastic pellets along the entire supply chain. In Germany, PlasticsEurope Germany and the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI) have jointly launched corresponding activities.

With the “Zero Granulate Loss” initiative, members of the IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e.V. are committed to combating the entry of plastic granulates into the environment.

CONSTAB is certified:

Zertifikat_Null Granulatverlust_CONSTAB_2021

Environmental protection and climate neutrality

We like to support local projects

With the help of donations, e.g. to the Förderverein Zukunftswald e.V., we are also happy to support environmental and climate protection projects on our own doorstep. In the Rüthen forest, which has been severely affected by climate change, reforestation is a mammoth project to which private organisations of various stripes have also committed themselves. We make our contribution here to binding CO2 from the atmosphere by donating to buy seedlings for the local forests.