Sustainability and the future: more than just returns

Sustainability is ubiquitous today and increasingly an important criterion for consumers when making purchasing decisions. What does it mean specifically for us and the future of CONSTAB as a company?

Our strategy with regard to these topics is based on three goals that we have defined for ourselves:

  • Mindful treatment of the environment
  • Appreciation of employees
  • Social responsibility of the company

ESG refers to sustainable management

The abbreviation refers to the inclusion of the three aspects of environment, social and corporate governance (environmental, social, governance, or ESG for short) as the central factors for measuring the sustainability and social impact of an investment in a company. ESG is thus considered a generally recognised synonym for sustainable business.

Europe is to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050

Ambitious political goals: The formulated goal of the EU states is to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050 (European Green Deal). In addition, the Federal Constitutional Court recently obliged the German government, under the aspect of intergenerational justice, to formulate concrete sustainability and climate protection goals beyond 2030. This is to be achieved by means of rigid legislation to encourage companies to take corresponding measures along with sustainability reporting. In future, companies will be required to disclose information about their operations and the management of social and environmental challenges.

CONSTAB will actively accompany this development

This information will enable investors, consumers, policy makers and other stakeholders to assess the non-financial performance of these companies. The aim is for these companies to develop a responsible business approach. According to the will of the EU Commission (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive), all companies with more than 500 employees should report in the future. Although we at CONSTAB are not yet directly affected by this, we will actively accompany this development and take all necessary measures to secure and even expand the future of our business. To do this, however, we are dependent on the help of all our employees: Only together can we succeed. So let’s tackle the challenge with energy and confidence.

“For me, sustainability consists of three essential pillars.

On the one hand, it is about treating the environment with respect, on the other hand, it is about valuing our employees and our social responsibility. However, economic aspects also play a major role in a company. A focus on the environment alone is not enough for a company to be successful in the long term (in both senses of the word). CONSTAB is already operating in an industry that is the focus of public attention and is also under increasing pressure from regulations at EU and federal level. That is why a proactive positioning of CONSTAB on the topic of sustainability in the market is so important to me, and that is why we are now focused on this path at the location. The good thing is, of course, that the company has already taken the first steps and, for example, already obtains around half of its production energy from renewable sources.”

Olaf AllekotteGeneral Manager CONSTAB Polyolefin Additives GmbH

CONSTAB is already on its way

For us, sustainability is not only expressed in the product portfolio. The basis for the successful transformation process is the creation of an awareness that all employees internalise with the aim of knowing exactly how important sustainability in all facets will be for CONSTAB in the future.

This means that we have to build an anchoring in daily activities, because at the end of the day, the company is merely the sum of all employees. And only when sustainability becomes an integral part of the corporate culture, the daily work and also the personal goals, only then can sustainability be lived permanently. With the nice side effect that everyone at CONSTAB can take the topic into their private lives and make a difference there as well.

Start of the sustainability project at CONSTAB in April 2021

Together with our customers and partners, we have set out on the path to a better future for our planet. In doing so, the topics of sustainability and environmental protection stand for us in a holistic context. From promoting global projects such as the construction of dams in emerging countries, whose support simultaneously serves to reduce our carbon footprint, to encouraging our employees to get involved in environmental protection. After all, achieving the goals agreed in the Kyoto Protocol is extremely important for us as human beings and must ultimately be borne by each and every individual.


Current Sustainability Report 2021

In our sustainability report, we are happy to inform interested parties about CONSTAB’s activities in the context of the sustainability goals we have set and the measures we have taken to achieve them. We do this voluntarily, without currently being required to do so by law, because we are aware of our responsibility for the climate and the environment.
You can view and download the report as a PDF here.

EcoVadis certified for the first time

We are now an EcoVadis certified company. This is how, we would like to meet an increasing number of customer requests for EcoVadis certifications. As an important indicator of our efforts to take a holistic approach to sustainability at the Rüthen site, we see the certification as an useful addition to CONSTAB’s transparent reporting on ESG. According to this EcoVadis award, CONSTAB is among the top 10% of companies assessed. However, this is only part of our continuous work to realise further improvements for the future.

You can view and download the certificate as a PDF here.

amily-friendly company

We are a family-friendly company

Our understanding of sustainable action also includes taking into account the social aspects of a company. We are committed to our employees and have once again been recognised as a family-friendly company by the district of Soest.

With services such as the bike leasing offer, health offers, workshops for employees or a focus on the best possible work-life balance, we act in a sustainable and family-friendly way.


Surviving in the market with innovative strength and commitment

New challenges await us in almost all areas of plastics production – be it through more rigid environmental legislation or changes in consumer behaviour. Therefore, we are all challenged to recognise new trends at an early stage and to develop innovative products.

As part of the Kafrit Group, we are not alone in our efforts to develop innovative products, but benefit from the research successes of the other partners. Thus, together we already have some interesting new products and processes to show:

Instead of environmentally harmful pesticides, sulphur, which is more environmentally friendly but attacks agricultural films, is being used more frequently again in the agricultural sector. In Kafrit’s laboratory, sulphur-resistant masterbatches, which are excellently suited for thin PE/EVA films, have now been developed and tested in extensive field trials. Field tests showed an astonishing durability of over 30 months.

70 % of the films even retained their strength after 36 months at a load of 3000 ppm sulphur. Ideal conditions for organic farming and the creation of a bee-friendly environment.

Used plastic films are too valuable for waste. A technical solution that makes the recycling of sophisticated plastic packaging possible in the first place is the production of plastic films using the novel BOPE extrusion process.

Together with some of the world’s leading companies, this process has been developed by CONSTAB over the past three years. The special feature of the BOPE films, into which CONSTAB’s CON-X product line is incorporated, is that they are produced from only one plastic – in this case, only polyethylene; this is then referred to as a mono-material solution, which makes recycling much easier. Extensive and costly test series were necessary to get this highly complex technology off the ground.

Our sister company Polyfil has developed the new Ecocell® foaming agent, which effectively saves material in injection moulding and blow moulding applications.

A cell size of approximately 100 microns enables uniform, fine surfaces and improves impact strength while reducing weight. Materials produced with it are smoother, more opaque, have higher thermoforming potential and retain physical properties better than conventional systems.