Commitment to the future

Setting new priorities: Climate neutrality decides our future.

As a company that is part of a globally active group of companies, we stand by our social responsibility and want to protect the environment and effectively counter climate change by voluntarily reducing emissions and offsetting unavoidable emissions.
We are pursuing several goals in order to establish sustainability and climate protection in our company as well and to constantly drive it forward with various contributions. This includes the constant reduction of our CO2 emissions to neutralise our carbon footprint, as well as various offers to our employees to improve the working climate. Because we know that sustainability must be lived from within.

As a further important milestone, we have recently prepared the Sustainability Report for 2021 and are happy to provide it as a download following this link .

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Climate neutrality*
A decisive contribution to our future is a responsible approach to the issue of climate protection in our company.
More than just a return on our future. Acting sustainably is an important decision for our company and its employees.

Involvement in associations
Acting together means benefiting from each other. That is why we are involved in various organisations and associations.


Commitment on the ground
Global change usually starts on a small scale. What we want to see as a global solution should be lived out locally.


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The Sustainable Development Goals are a call to action for all countries – poor, rich and middle-income – to promote prosperity while protecting our planet. They recognise that ending poverty must be accompanied by strategies that promote economic growth and address a range of social needs such as education, health, social protection and employment opportunities, while addressing climate change and environmental protection.

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We also respect these goals and measure our own sustainable climate change initiatives and activities against the SDGs. For example, the purchase of climate protection certificates not only serves to reduce our own carbon footprint, but also supports the measures in the projects we support.

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Commitment to the future

*by offsetting with climate protection certificates