Research and Development – yesterday, today and tomorrow.

With our vast experience of almost fifty years in the business, we have developed a unique knowledge base for manufacturing custom-fit solutions that will wholly meet your needs and requirements.Today, we are also one of the market-leading companies when it comes to the application of eco-friendly materials. This applies to our ECOMP bio-products but also to our polymeric FR-materials. Our research and development team creates new solutions and additives on a daily basis in order for our customers to always be one step ahead with our compounds and masterbatches. Below, you will find a few examples of Innovation in plastic solutions within the polycarbonate range that were developed by our research and development team:

• Improved cover layers in different combinations of concentrations, additives, resins and shades
• 20 years UV-resistant cover layers
• FR for an improved transparency and reduced turbidity; provides V0 @ 1.6mm
• Light diffuser with improved dispersion properties and shade consistency as well as a new improved efficiencyIn case you are interested in specific innovations or require more details regarding certain products, our technicians and specialists will be happy to help and advise you on any of these
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