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Our expertise
Experience, innovation and solutions for your company.

For now almost fifty years, we have developed and produced masterbatches for polyolefins. During the course of the last few decades we have developed into one of the leading partners of the plastics processing industry. Moreover, we are among the market leaders in the production of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP-) films. We offer masterbatches that can be used for the manufacturing of high quality end products in such divisions as packaging films (BOPP, CPP, PE), polycarbonate panels, agricultural films and derivatives, biopolymer- and flame retardant applications, pipes, fibers, nonwovens, extrusion blown films, injection molding and many others. Applied as additives, these solutions simplify the processing of plastics and/or generate the desired product properties. Since 2003, we are subsumed under the KafritGroup. Our masterbatches and those of the entire KafritGroup are applied all over the world.

We think of ourselves as an innovative, medium-sized company from Germany that is based in Rüthen near Dortmund. We currently have around 120 employees.