Climate Neutral Company

Proving responsibility –
Climate neutrality at CONSTAB

As a company in a globally active group, we stand by our social responsibility and want to effectively counteract climate change by voluntarily reducing emissions and offsetting unavoidable emissions.

By determining the ecological footprint and acquiring various climate protection certificates in India and Uganda, our company was made climate neutral.

For the compensation of our greenhouse gases, we received the “climate neutral company” award.

This makes us one of the first companies in our industry to voluntarily offset its emissions.

But that is only part of our climate protection measures: We are constantly working to improve our environmental balance, develop new products and optimize production and logistics.

We look forward to a sustainable cooperation – for a big goal.

CONSTAB supports the Förderverein Zukunftswald e.V. (
Drought and the bark beetle are endangering the tree population, bare areas point to the massive damage already caused.
The citizens of the region have taken this initiative to reforestate the areas.