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CONSTAB: Experienced leaders and a reliable partner


For decades, we have been a leading partner in the plastics processing industry and are among the market leaders in biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films. There are a lot of good reasons for this, but two of those are especially important: The high quality of our products and our continuous work in the area of research and development.

Using the high-performance masterbatches and compounds of CONSTAB, your company can define and realize new production goals. We supply you with customized solutions from our own production line that are necessary to manufacture final products of the highest quality. Among those products are packaging films, agricultural films, pipes, fibers, nonwovens and many more. In our company, you will find a reliable partner who will assist you with a great deal of knowledge and experience in order to make your products successful.

CONSTAB – the reliable expert

Masterbatch- and compound solutions straight from the manufacturer


Our expertise

Experience, innovation and solutions for your company


For now almost fifty years, we have developed and produced masterbatches for polyolefins. During the course of the last few decades we have developed into one of the leading partners of the plastics processing industry.

Moreover, we are among the market leaders in the production of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP-) films. We offer masterbatch solutions that can be used for the manufacturing of high quality end products in such divisions as packaging films (BOPP, CPP, PE), polycarbonate panels, agricultural films and derivatives, biopolymer- and flame retardant applications, pipes, fibers, nonwovens, extrusion blown films, injection molding and many others. Applied as additives, these solutions simplify the processing of plastics and/or generate the desired product properties. Since 2003, we are subsumed under the KafritGroup. Our masterbatches and those of the entire KafritGroup are applied all over the world.

We think of ourselves as an innovative, medium-sized company from Germany that is based in Rüthen near Dortmund. We currently have around 120 employees.

Our Standards

We place the success and satisfaction of our customers at the center of our work. In respect thereof, we are always at your disposal with high-quality solutions and products. The following ten standards are the basis of our success:

In order to secure our future, we focus on progressive know-how and innovative technologies.
Our products are manufactured under strict adherence to strict quality guidelines.
Our employees follow strict safety rules.
We comply with regulations concerning the environment and are very aware of our responsibility.
We value our employees with their different background, experiences and ideas.
We urge our employees to be innovative, take decisions and to take responsibility for their own actions.
Our management leads by example. We train and coach our employees and also support our entire workforce on their quest to realize their full potential.
Both, individually as well as in team structures, we selflessly work towards achieving our common objectives.
Continuous Improvement
We constantly work towards making things better.
We are fair, trustworthy and consistent in our personal and commercial dealings.


Research and Development – yesterday, today and tomorrow


With our vast experience of almost fifty years in the business, we have developed a unique knowledge base for manufacturing custom-fit solutions that will wholly meet your needs and requirements.

Today, we are also one of the market-leading companies when it comes to the application of eco-friendly materials. This applies to our ECOMP bio-products but also to our polymeric FR-materials. Our research and development team creates new solutions and additives on a daily basis in order for our customers to always be one step ahead with our compounds and masterbatches. Below, you will find a few examples of innovative plastic solutions within the polycarbonate range that were developed by our research and development team:

• Improved cover layers in different combinations of concentrations, additives, resins and shades
• 20 years UV-resistant cover layers
• FR for an improved transparency and reduced turbidity; provides V0 @ 1.6mm
• Light diffuser with improved dispersion properties and shade consistency as well as a new improved efficiency


In case you are interested in specific innovations or require more details regarding certain products, our technicians and specialists will be happy to help and advise you on any of these matters.
Tel.: +49 2952 8190
Fax: +49 2952 3140

Research & Development

New Products created by proven partners


Research and development are the core competencies of CONSTAB. Hence, our employees constantly work on the creation of new and innovative products.

For instance, they develop special solutions such as additive concentrates, flame retardants, color batches and compounds. We maintain close relationships with machine manufacturers and research institutes, such as:

  • University Aalen
  • University Hamm-Lippstadt
  • IKT (Department of Plastics Technology) Stuttgart
  • ITV (Department of Textile- and Process Technology) Denkendorf
  • Plastics-Department Lüdenscheid
  • Vegetable Oil Technology Magdeburg e.V. (PPM)
  • University Paderborn


We think about today, tomorrow and the long-term future


Through a careful selection of environmentally friendly products and a well-considered use of chemicals, we are able to reduce our influence on the environment.

Olaf Allekotte, managing director of CONSTAB Polyolefin Additives GmbH

We ourselves and our customers place a lot of emphasis on sustainable economic management. Nevertheless, you can always rely on the highest quality of our masterbatches, a flexible and dependable service and an attractive price-performance ratio.

One of our main targets is to ensure that our entire value chain becomes more sustainable. That is the reason why we offer social and environmentally friendly products.