Polycarbonate and PMMA Sheets

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Masterbatches and Compounds


All PC sheets are protected by a thin co-extruded layer (Cap Layer). This layer is based on PC resin, enriched with a high level of UV absorbers. The recommended layer thickness is taking into consideration the layer erosion over the service life and the UV additive optical density, so no harmful UV light will penetrate the Cap Layer to the unprotected Polycarbonate.

Kafrit UV compounds are designed and tailored according to the customer‘s specifications and Kafrit‘s vast experience in this field. All Kafrit solutions are colored with a bluish tint to hide the UVA yellow shade, and contain optical-brightener to enable layer identification by the sheet producer. Kafrit is offering unique coloring abilities to meet customer demand.

The compound flow properties are a key factor in uniform and stable layer distribution across the sheet‘s with. The Cap Layer flow is determined by the PC type, lubricant level and, most importantly, the UV absorbers types and level.

Kafrit solutions offer an optimized MVI based on years of experience. Our know-how allows us to offer a variety of MVIs according to the final application and production process. We use different types of UVA compounds and Masterbatches to insure optimal UV protection, process optimization and the best value each and every customer needs for their products.

Available Polycarbonate Masterbatches

  • Antiblock
  • Anti Glare
  • Flame Retardants
  • Heat management
  • Light Diffuser
  • UV Cap Layer

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