Strong protection, easy peeling

Peel compounds are used to make the seal of plastic films easy to open. 

Typical use is in the skin layer of coextruded structures. The peelable effect of a cohesive peel is formed by specific incompatibilities within the plastic material resulting in a predetermined breaking point.

You are looking for Polypropylene peeling solutions - even for thicker sealing layers and without angle hair when peeled off?

CONSTAB has developed a range of peel compounds suitable for producing PP-Films for food, medicals and pharmaceutical packaging:     Our product series CONPEEL!

  • CONPEEL 304     Soft-Peel-Compound for peel forces                                                       of 4 to 6 N/15mm
  • CONPEEL 308     Easy-Peel-Compound for peel forces                                                       of 8 to 10 N/15mm
  • CONPEEL 310     for sealing layers higher of 9 to 11 N/15mm
  • CONPEEL 312     for sealing layers higher than 10 N/15mm

CONPEEL is typically used in coextruded films produced on cast PP film lines.

All CONPEEL grades can be sealed on heat sealing equipment and in ultrasonic welding.

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