Specifically designed for the production of BOPP matt films on stenter or double-bubble lines

The products are based on special selected α-Olefine grades. The surface roughness and matt appearance of BOPP films are resulting from our knowledge to combine suitable polymers.

Typical applications of matt compounds are:

  •  Translucent, opaque and coloured (e.g. gold, silver) films that require a
     matt appearance
  •  Heat-sealable packaging films
  •  Metallizable films with matt effect (steel appearance)
  •  Matt films with high coefficient of friction (COF) for packaging films with
     anti-skid properties

All required film properties such as low gloss, high haze and soft touch effect can be achieved by using the CONSTAB Matt Compounds.
Typical optical properties of a 15–18 µm matt film:

Gloss (45°):     10-12 units (matt side)
                       45-55 units (glossy side)

 Haze (ASTM D 1003):     > 65 %

  • MAT 02440
    is a heat-sealable matt compound for packaging films
  • MAT 02442
    is a special grade matt compound for metallizable films
  • MAT 02444
    is a heat-sealable matt compound with high COF for anti-skid properties

All grades are easy to process and avoid the “die driveling” phenomenon.
Skin layers of coextruded BOPP films consist of 100 % matt compound.

To achieve a good matt effect a skin layer between 2 and 4 µm is recommended.

We can offer the combination of many years of experience, high quality and solid expertise in order to create the best suitable product for customer needs.

Please contact our specialists for further information or recommendations.

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