With over 40 years of experience in the plastics process industry, our unique expertise and know-how help us to develop specialized formulations that match your individual requirements and needs.

Ever since our first polyolefin additives entered the market, we have continuously developed solutions that met the latest industrial standards and global trends. As a result, we are currently frontrunners in the use of environmentally friendly materials in our Ecomp bio products and all our polymeric FR materials. Moreover, our corporate group Kafrit also participates in future-oriented international development programs.

Day in day out, our research team and engineers are tirelessly working on new solutions and additives in order for us to always remain one step ahead with our innovative compounds and masterbatches.

Just to name a few examples, we have listed some of our innovations in the area of Polycarbonates below.

Selected Innovations

  • Improved cap layers in different combinations of concentrations, additives, resins and shades
  • 20-year UV cap layer
  • FR for better transparency and reduced haze, providing V0 @ 1.6mm
  • Light diffusers with improved dispersing properties and shade consistency and new improved performance

In case you are interested in specific innovations or want to know whether your product of choice includes a particular addition, feel free to contact us.