One of the most challenging tasks for greenhouse structures is to protect the crops and plants from physiological freezing and to maintain consistent temperatures at low energy costs. With our highly experienced team, we at Kafrit Group have developed highly effective thermal infrared Masterbatches that can be used in Greenhouse film applications to prevent heat loss during nights and frosty days. Through extensive research and development, we were able to significantly optimize our IR absorbers regarding the extraction and storage of thermal energy. Due to the highly sustainable performance of our Masterbatches, you will be able to increase your crop yield and crop quality at significantly lower energy costs and in shorter harvest cycles.

Just recently, we were able to test and release two highly specialized infrared Masterbatches, namely, our Highly Transparent IR and our Super Diffused IR. We designed the Highly Transparent IR especially for areas with low solar insolation levels insofar as it only produces a minimum amount of diffused light while allowing as much sun light as possible to penetrate into the greenhouse. Our Super Diffused IR, on the other hand, creates extremely diffusive light without any losses to the total light transmission. This means that the overall photosynthesis activity will not decrease in your greenhouse with the added benefit that diffusive light can penetrate deeper and will therefore significantly accelerate the growth of your plants.

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