Discover the advantages of CONSTAB-Masterbatches.

Antiblocking-Masterbatches are necessary and extremely helpful for producing thin plastic films. Both the action and the use of antiblocking are quite easy but, despite that, we have realized that their use is often not appropriate.

Leaving aside for a moment their primary use, we have to consider that antiblocking have a relevant effect on other properties of the film such as, for instance, optical properties concerning haze and gloss; values of the coefficient of friction; printing and metallization qualities.
Moreover, their wrong use can also influence negatively the barrier values achievable.

In addition, it might be of interest to notice that, if antiblockings are used or dosed badly, they can affect negatively the above mentioned properties, resulting in a final price higher and unjustified, as it happens sometimes.

Thanks to our more than 40 years of experience in the production of MB antiblocking and helped by the availability of a wide range in terms of chemical nature, particles sizes and concentration, we can help our customers with every sort of appliance. Our efforts are aimed at achieving the best performance offering a fair compromise between cost and benefit.

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