CONSTAB - The Masterbatch Expert

Delivering Excellence in Masterbatches and Compounds

When CONSTAB was established in Rüthen/Germany in 1971, our vision was to bundle expertise, knowledge and passion to become one of the leading partners in the plastics processing industry. Through the years, we have grown into an innovative medium sized company and are now one of the market leaders in manufacturing masterbatches for biaxial oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films.

When looking back at our humble beginnings, we are very proud about the fact that we have grown into a worldwide operating company that currently employs approx. 120 staff members. Since 2003, CONSTAB is a 100% member of the Kafrit group, which has greatly strengthened our position on the international market.

With forty years of research and experience under our belts, we have gradually developed into high-quality manufacturers of masterbatches, additives and compounds for plastics, packaging films, fibres and tapes that are used in various industrial applications.

The continuous efforts to improve the quality and versatility of our products means that we can offer customized masterbatches with a variety of innovative functionalities such as antifog, antiglare and antiblock.

Our masterbatches and compounds are typically used in order to achieve optimal production results and to ensure that the required product properties like antifog and antiblock are delivered.

Current information about the development and future of our company will always be announced in our news section, which is regularly updated.



Standards by which we are measured:

The focus of all our activities is the satisfaction of our customers. Our goal is to supply all customers with high quality solutions and products anytime, anywhere. The success of CONSTAB is based on the ten following benchmarks:

Technology: We rely on advanced know how and technology to secure our future.

Quality: We ensure that our products are produced under strict and advanced quality assurance guidelines.

Safety: We ensure that our employees follow safety procedures.

Environment: We are committed to complying with environmental regulations and promoting environmental responsibilities.

Employees: We value our employees, their different ideas, experiences and backgrounds.

Empowerment: We encourage our employees to be innovative, make decisions and take responsibility for their action.

Leadership: We lead by example.

Teamwork: We aim to work as a team and individuals to reach our common goals in an unselfish manner.

Continuous improvement: We relentlessy pursue doing the right things – better.

Ethics: We are fair, truthful and consistent in our business and personal practices.